“There’s lots of good news on the power of vaccines, but 22 million children are still missing out.”

— Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance

Who We Benefit

The GAVI Campaign supports the work of the GAVI Alliance, a global health agency that provides vaccines to children in the world’s poorest countries. Since it was founded in 2000, GAVI has helped immunise more than 440 million children, saving 6 million lives.

One of the most powerful vaccines provided by GAVI is pentavalent, which protects children against five diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Hib. GAVI also provides traditional vaccines to protect children against measles, rubella, meningitis A and yellow fever.

And with GAVI support, countries now are introducing new vaccines against the primary causes of two of the biggest childhood killers in the world: pneumonia and severe diarrhoea. Together these diseases account for 30% of child deaths in low-income countries. GAVI also has begun providing the HPV vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer, the leading cause of death among women in GAVI-eligible countries.

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The GAVI Campaign is a 501(c)(3) US public charity whose charitable mission includes supporting immunization programs in developing countries. Contributions to the GAVI Campaign are managed by its Board and disbursed at the Board’s discretion, to further the mission, including programs in support of the GAVI Alliance.