Take Action

Take Action:

  • Make a donation.  Save a child.  Save a family.  Save a village.
  • Make a gift in honor of someone you care about. 
  • Send us your story. Why do you support providing childhood vaccinations to children in the poorest countries?
  • Share the GAVI story with your friends on Facebook.  Invite them to join our community of supporters dedicated to providing children in the 72 poorest countries with the vaccines they need to begin life healthy and strong.
  • Host your own fundraiser.  Ask for donations to GAVI instead of birthday gifts, run a marathon, host a bake sale.  It's all up to you!

The GAVI Alliance
works in the world's
poorest countries.

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The GAVI Campaign 501(c)(3) is a US public charity whose charitable mission includes supporting immunization programs in developing countries. Contributions to the GAVI Campaign are managed by its Board and disbursed at the Board’s discretion, to further the mission, including programs in support of the GAVI Alliance.