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The mission of the GAVI Alliance is to save children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing access to immunization in poor countries.  GAVI Campaign mobilizes resources and engages private individuals and organizations in support of GAVI's work.

Immunization saves more lives than any other health intervention. Vaccines are also the most cost effective means to a healthier world. By investing $1 today, you are saving over $20 in the future. For children in poor countries without access to treatment, vaccines are the only shot at a healthy future.


GAVI has vaccinated 288 million children and averted more than 5 million future deaths since its launch in 2000. The two largest killers of children, pneumonia and diarrhea, still cause over 2 million deaths every year in children 5 and under. GAVI needs your help to marshal the resources required to vanquish these leading killers of children.

Infectious diseases conquered in rich nations still kill, disable, and impoverish people in much of the developing world - robbing them of hope for a better future. You can make a difference today by making a donation, taking action, spreading the word, and learning more about GAVI.

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The GAVI Campaign 501(c)(3) is a US public charity whose charitable mission includes supporting immunization programs in developing countries. Contributions to the GAVI Campaign are managed by its Board and disbursed at the Board’s discretion, to further the mission, including programs in support of the GAVI Alliance.